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How It Works ?

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    All you need to do is fill in the sign up form and click on the next step for starting your registration process.

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    Profile update

    This step involves you completing details about your company, the products and services offered, etc. This is a very crucial step and involves input of many fields including your name, country of residence, address, occupation, the name of the company, the services or products offered, gallery of photos and so on. Filling this page with complete details will ensure a better visibility online whenever there is a search for related product or service by anyone. It is not sufficient that you do a one-time profile update. You have to constantly maintain the same to ensure that it is in line with the current business situation.

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    Engaging with community

    It is important that you are part of a strong online community, where there are people who share similar interests as you. It will help you to get more information on the market, share ideas and also the product if possible. This will help gaining more insight into the current trend in market and consumer perception.

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    Connect using live feeds

    Live feeds, like a live launch of a product on Facebook is an effective way to share your product with the potential buyers and Impexed gives you this option to do so on your timeline.

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    Connecting with right audience

    It is our strong belief that in order for a business to grow and be successful, it has to connect with the right audience. We offer you the chance to connect with people of similar interests and share business ideas while also engaging in profitable deals with them.

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    Product or service promotion

    Promoting your products wisely will help improve your visibility on search engines. It is therefore necessary to upload your product details and then share it with the right people, businesses and consumer groups. This will also help you in generating trusted leads.

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